About Us

Welcome to 0.13 clothing

We are Arthur Fernandes and Justin Brune, two young designers passionate about fashion.

Our story begins with a shared passion for art, creativity and self-expression through fashion. After sharing our ideas and vision for years, we decided to make our dream come true by launching 0.13 clothing. Inspired by contemporary trends as well as our own distinct aesthetic, we aim to create clothing and accessories that reflect our love for originality, comfort and elegance.

As young entrepreneurs, we are constantly inspired by emerging trends, cultural diversity and feedback from our customers.

At 0.13 vetements, we are proud to produce all our items in France, in partnership with local artisans who share our values. By favoring local manufacturing, we support the local economy and help preserve traditional artisanal skills. In addition, we attach great importance to sustainability and environmental preservation. That's why we strive to choose environmentally friendly materials and ethical production practices throughout our manufacturing process. We firmly believe that it is possible to reconcile style and responsibility, and that is why we are committed to offering quality products that respect both the planet and our customers. By choosing us, you not only support French know-how, but you also contribute to promoting more sustainable and ethical fashion.