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Upcycling 001 - The little one

Upcycling 001 - The little one

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Upcycling 001 - Le Petit

Dimensions: 24cm x 24cm

Upcycling 001 is a unique piece . Made from recycled jeans, each bag is a true patchwork of style and durability . Faux leather straps add a touch of elegance while the light-medium-dark patch pattern gives each bag its distinctive character. Each creation is unique , so expect to receive a bag slightly different from the one shown in the photo.

The bag is lined in thick twill , it also contains a storage pocket , taken directly from the jeans used for its creation.

Composition : The composition of this garment remains unknown precisely because it comes from a creative recycling of different assembled jeans. The minimum standard required for the composition of jeans from which it is made is 97% cotton and 3% other fibers.

Maintenance: For the best maintenance of upcycling 001 wash by hand.

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